About Us

Precision Intakes was born from a desire to have a product that was not being offered anywhere in the drainage industry. There was no surface water intake that had the ability to adapt to various sizes of corrugated field tile without the use of an additional adaptor. Also the desired lateral height of the intakes was hard to achieve. The idea for something better was brought about from necessity to have something that fit tile and was adjustable. In 1985 the first prototype of the intake, we now refer to as the Precision Intakes, was drawn up on a kitchen table on scratch paper. At that time all the intakes used in conservation projects were either galvanized steel or aluminum with the exception of one company offering an intake made from plastic resin.

The product was designed and produced using only virgin high density polyethylene, never using recycled plastic, giving our product the consistent high quality demanded by the industry and our discerning customers. Our design has changed over the years as we have listened to our valued customers and made changes they asked for thus enhancing the acceptance and usage of our quality intake. The various diameter sizes we offer are what the industry needs. At Precision Intakes we feel we have given the industry the opportunity to use a product that will amplify the quality of the conservation installation each and every time the intakes are used.

The rapid growth of our business is testimony to how we view our customer base and our many new accounts. The tile manufacturers have seen the value of having our line of products available to their customers as well. We have valued repeat customers dating back 40 years. That in itself says a volume about our concern for our customers and the product they are using.