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Variable Size
Precision Intakes

We use only virgin high-density polyethylene, never recycled plastics, and a UV-protected yellow color. Shipping is available within the US and Canada.

Precision Intakes - Products

6" - 10" Products

Can be utilized in a variety of agricultural, residential, commercial, recreational, and municipal applications.

Precision Intakes Trash Basket

Trash Baskets

Designed to collect debris and prevent tiles from plugging in multiple applications with bent ends for additional locking.

Precision Intakes Orifice Plate

Orifice Plates

Orifice plates are available in sizes to fit all Precision Intake systems and can be used to customize the flow of drainage.

Precision Intakes


Precision Intakes can be spotted in a variety of settings. The trademark yellow coloring gives them away. We would love to see your photos! Email them to

Precision Intakes Trash Can installed in field
Precision Intakes
Precision Intakes

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